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176 pages
Format 125x205 Broschur
EUR 18,90 / sFr 24,20

ISBN: 9783701716562

published in Oktober 2015

Artur Bodenstein (Illustrator)
Bernhard Studlar (Herausgeber)

Alphabet Soup – A Literary Cookbook

Alphabet soup is a celebration of literary and culinary diversity, to be devoured on the page and the plate!

The successful intercultural theatre project “Wiener Wortstaetten” is celebrating its tenth birthday. Since 2005 it has hosted theatrical productions by writers from various countries speaking various languages and reflecting the diversity of the capital Vienna: Turkey, Russia, Iran, Bulgaria and states from the former Yugoslavia have all been represented. As well as enriching German-language literature with their stories, writing and performing for the ”Wiener Wortstaetten”, each writer also cooked unique soups, mixing ingredients from their old and new homes.

Bernhard Studlar, born in 1972, studied scenic writing at the UdK Berlin. Among others, the dramatist has hitherto been writing for the Viennese Burgtheater and the “German Schauspielhaus” in Hamburg. Since 2005 and together with Hans Escher, Studlar runs the intercultural theater-project “Wiener Wortstaetten”.

Artur Bodenstein, born in 1974, lives and works as freelance illustrator and designer in Vienna. He is responsible for “Wiener Wortstaetten’s” visual identity since 2005.

Short stories and recipes by Ibrahim Amir, Susanne Ayoub, Ana Bilic, Seher Cakir, Yasmin Hafedh, Michal Hvorecky, Jérôme Junod, Ursula Knoll, Rhea, Krcmárová, Valerie Melichar, Barbi Markovic, Azar Mortazavi, Goran Novakovic, Dominic Oley, Ewald Palmetshofer, Thomas Perle, Semir Plivac, Julya Rabinowich, Andreas Sauter, Gerhild Steinbuch, Marianne Strauhs, Bernhard Studlar, Robert Woelfl


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