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224 pages
Format 130x175 Halbleineneinband
EUR 18,00 / sFr 22,90

ISBN: 9783701733620

published in Juni 2015

Alexandra Bleyer

So test therefore, who join forever – A short history of marriage

An amusing journey through the history of marriage, from the ancient world to the present

Marriages might be made in heaven but they are lived out here on earth – for some a floor lower… Even beforehand, when choosing a partner, those keen to marry are faced with a tricky decision: money or love? There are countless traps, which even royal marriage-hopefuls can fall into: Henry VIII of England fell victim to the Photoshop effect back in the sixteenth century when he requested portraits of suitable marriage candidates. After the ceremony is completed it’s often no easier: who turns out to wear the trousers? And rumours of a blissful two-fold union are a myth: one half turns out to come with a mother-in-law, the other can’t manage with just one woman. And the dictates of church and state follow the couple right into the bedroom. Till death us do part. But help is at hand.

Alexandra Bleyer, born 1974 in Klagenfurt, has a doctorate in history and has published many popular non-fiction titles. She is also an essayist and columnist for publications including writing for the “Salzburger Nachrichten”.


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