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336 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90

ISBN: 9783701716586
ISBN ebook: 9783701745258

published in März 2016

Klaus Oppitz

Land Down

A satire about the rise of the right, state power, resistance, and terrorism – as shrill and loud as if Monty Python had taken over the IS.

Under right-wing populist Michael Hichl, Austria has become a despotically ruled police state. Dissidents, foreigners, and homosexuals are made illegal, the country is run down, and border regions are abused as cheap production sites where the rural population and regime critics slave away in sweatshops. We meet some drifters cluelessly wandering around Austria: Emma with her dilettante assassination plans, opportunistic former callboy Pascal, Alwine who's searching for the love of her, and Wolferl the no-good son of Hichl's chief PR guy who can't get over the murder of his ex-girlfriend Valli Putschek. But something is going on in Upper Austria's impoverished Mühlviertel: Austria's first terror militia, the "Christian Republic" is making its way towards the hills around Linz. Just then the four lost souls cross paths and things quickly get out of hand.

Klaus Oppitz, born 1971, has published short stories in anthologies and literary magazines. He has worked as a copywriter, film director, screenwriter, and playwright. Together with Rudi Roubinek and Robert Palfreider, Oppitz created the satirical comedy show "Wir sind Kaiser". "Landuntergang" is the sequel to his first satirical novel "Auswandertag" (2014).


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