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168 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 19,90

ISBN: 9783701716661
ISBN ebook: 9783701745241

published in Februar 2016

Martin Lechner

After five-hundred and twenty days of sea

Martin Lechner, a master of words, pulls out all the stops with his intriguing new story collection.

Hurrah, they still exist! Mature literary debuts that shine with sophisticated language and a strong and convincing composition. (…) Sometimes expressionist prose full of stark contrasts where every feeling materializes, sometimes absurd theater of desperation, and then suddenly juicy and vibrant crime comedy in the style of German Comedian Helge Schneider… [Oliver Jungen, FAZ]

Lechner's stories collide like waves. They pass on words, images, or moods, flow into one another and yet, remain self-contained. They are uncanny and high-spirited and tell us about desperate lakes and knees to fall in love with. They are about films we vaguely remember and brightly lit cities, silently bursting bubbles of blood and summers long brushed aside. They are all at home in a language where something new and unexpected awaits behind each turn. Lechner achieves this feat with humor, the absurd and sentences that give us a touch of the ungraspable.

Martin Lechner, born 1974 in Lüneburg, studied philosophy and literary studies at the University of Potsdam. He has contributed to literary magazines such as "Bella Triste", "manuskripte", and "Edit" and has published several short stories. His debut novel,"Kleine Kassa" was long listed for the German Book Prize 2014.


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