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440 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701733408
ISBN ebook: 9783701745296

published in Februar 2016

Daniela Strigl

Fame means nothing
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. A biography

A remarkably modern author and her sophisticated work

Rediscovering Ebner-Eschenbach is more than worth it, in both a feminist and literary sense… [Elfriede Hammerl, Profil]

Austria's most famous female author of the 19th century was underestimated as a "poet of kindness & grace", yet she was so much more: Poetic realist, playwright, aphorist, proponent of women's rights, fighter of anti-Semitism, officer's wife, trained watchmaker, animal friend, and avid horseback rider. In the first German biography since 1920, Daniela Strigl traces Ebner-Eschenbachs life from her birth in Zdislavice castle to her late fame as an author. The multi-faceted author was always torn between her aristocratic background and her socialist opinions, between ethics and irony, ambition and humility, social obligations and her passion for writing. Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach unwaveringly held on to her goals, despite resistance from her family and bad reviews from theater critics. "If there is a belief that can move mountains, then it is the belief in one's own strength."

Daniela Strigl, born 1964 in Vienna, studied German literature, philosophy, history and theater studies. She works as an essayist, literary critic and as a lecturer in the German department at the University of Vienna. She was a member of the jury for the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize from 2003-2009 and from 2011-2014. Daniela Strigl has received numerous awards and prizes for her work, including: Österreichischer Staatspreis für Literaturkritik (2001), Max Kade Essaypreis (2007), Alfred Kerr Preis (2013), Berliner Preis für Literaturkritik (2015). Most recent works include "Wahrscheinlich bin ich verrückt… Marlen Haushofer – die Biographie" (2009). Together with Evelyne Polt-Heinzl and Ulrike Tanzer she edited the four volume edition of Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach's oeuvre with Residenz Verlag (2014/2015).


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