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120 pages
Format 140x220 Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 9783701733880

published in März 2016

Wolfgang Ullrich

The creative human – struggling for ideas

On the difficulty of finding the creative You. An inspiring analysis.

Ullrich's style is clear; he writes elegant, poignant, and precise texts, without the excessive emphasis typically found in this genre.

Creativity has never been as topical as it is today. It is no longer the privilege of few, but is rather considered a basic human skill. If you want to be up to date, you better choose something like poetry or expressive dance, painting or spinning the decks. The pressure to be creative overwhelms a lot of people and produces more stress than release. As a result, many seek new ways to be creative and inspiration is in high demand. Consumer products advertise with mentally stimulating qualities, while the wellness industry thrives on the promise of uncovering hidden creativity deep within. And art is no longer expected to produce great masterpieces, but is rather called upon to create creative atmospheres.
Creativity as a problem – Wolfgang Ullrich's unexpected ideas shed new light on the subject.

Wolfgang Ullrich, born 1967 in Munich, was a professor for cultural studies and media theory at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and program director of the Quadriennale Düsseldorf until 2015. He works as an author, cultural studies researcher and consultant. He has published numerous works, most recently: "Des Geistes Gegenwart" (2014).


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