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208 pages
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ISBN: 9783701733989
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published in September 2016

Alfred Pfabigan

Sunday night murder

"Tatort" has many secrets.

In October 2016, the 1000. episode of the German criminal series "Tatort" will air on German national television – time for a critical analysis with surprising results. Up to 14 million viewers follow the Sunday night crime series every week. The possibly longest running German TV format has become part of cultural memory, as it does not shy away from sensitive issues and topical debates. What goes on behind criticisms of capitalism, police operations dealing with controversial political subjects, and the not quite squeaky clean biographies of its investigators? For example, Pfabigan unearths parallels to the history of German police dramas influenced by National Socialism. Compared to US-American CSI series, however, Tatort victims appear to be suspiciously guilty, perpetrators are remarkably portrayed with lots of empathy, and right and wrong seems more a question of feeling than evidence.

Alfred Pfabigan, born 1947 in Vienna, habilitated in political science at the University of Salzburg. From 1993-2013 he was a professor for social philosophy at Vienna University and also taught in the USA, Bulgaria, France, and Ukraine. He is the head of the "Philosophische Praxis Märzstraße", a philosophical counseling practice. Pfabigan has published extensively.


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