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256 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
EUR 22,00

ISBN: 9783701733996
ISBN ebook: 9783701745418

published in Oktober 2016

Ingrid Haslinger

Archduchess Sophie

A biography based on the personal notes of Emperor Franz Joseph's mother

"Sophie impressed everyone with her tall, noble figure and fresh spirit" Prince Metternich

Archduchess Sophie is considered one of the most fascinating figures of the imperial court in Vienna. As the mother of emperor Franz Joseph she played an influential role in the imperial family. Despite her political interests, she was smart enough to stay in the background. Popular portrayals of Sophie as "Sisi's evil mother-in-law" or "the secret empress" are by no means confirmed in her personal notes. Ingrid Haslinger spent many years thoroughly researching archives and examining the complete diaries and letters written by Sophie. The result is a wholly new, highly personal look at a woman so relevant for Austrian history and an intimate portrait of a fascinating life.

Ingrid Haslinger studied history and English studies. From 1987 to 2014 she researched the court's economy and table culture as an independent staff member of the former Court Silver and Table Room in Vienna. She has published numerous works and catalogs, has held lectures, and organized exhibitions.


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