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228 pages
Format 130x175 Halbleineneinband
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ISBN: 9783701733781

published in Juli 2016

Alexandra Bleyer

Becoming a parent is the easy part ...

An amusing tour through the history of parenting

A small consolation for 21st century parents: Mothers and fathers have had to face a load of challenges since forever. This tongue-in-cheek book charmingly traces what it was like to be a parent in past eras. Living up to the expectations of being a "good parent" has never been easy. Advice on conception and pregnancy was supposed to help create ideal circumstances before the child was even born. Infant care and child-rearing strategies have changed like seasons in the course of history. What is timeless, however, is parents' love for their offspring. Our ancestors already knew: Puberty is a critical phase and more than one ambitious father's plan was thwarted by teenage rebellion.

What's the moral of the story? Most parents pulled through and humankind did not go extinct. So moms and dads, stay calm and carry on!

Alexandra Bleyer, born 1974 in Klagenfurt, has a doctorate in history and has published many popular non-fiction titles. She is also an essayist and columnist for publications including writing for the “Salzburger Nachrichten”.


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