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288 pages
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ISBN: 9783701734085
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published in April 2017

Verena Moritz

1917 – Austrian voices on the Russian Revolution

The early 20th century’s most important political turning point from an Austrian perspective.

From an Austrian point of view, what relevance do the two Russian revolutions have? Many Austrian soldiers, serving under the Habsburg Monarchy’s army, were held prisoner in Russia following the First World War. What did they experience and what were their thoughts on the historic upheaval that not only forever changed Russia, but the entire world? What hopes and fears awaited them at home? How did Austrians comment on the development of a new world order, which would ultimately divide the world into two camps?
Verena Moritz presents and analyzes personal diaries, letters, newspaper articles and further as of now unpublished material. She successfully paints a vivid portrait of an era marked by major historical changes that have had an effect to this day.

Verena Moritz, born 1969, studied History and Russian in Vienna. She has spent many years conducting first-hand research in Russia. Next to exhibition work, she has held a great number of lectures at home and abroad, including Ukraine and Russia. Moritz is a member of several research projects, among them investigations of prisoners of war in the First World War and Parliamentarism in Austria and Russia in the early 20th century. She has received numerous grants and awards, including: the Werner Hallweg Prize granted by German Bundeswehr and the Anniversary Award of the Böhlau Verlag granted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2004; The Theodor Kery Fund Award and Theodor Körner Fund Award in 2006; In 2013 her work was named “Science Book of the Year” (in the category Humanities, Social Studies & Cultural Studies) by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research. She has written numerous scientific articles and publications and authored a series of books with Hannes Leidinger, including: “Gefangenschaft, Revolution, Heimkehr”, “Schwarzbuch der Habsburger”, “Russisches Wien”, “Zwischen Nutzen und Bedrohung”, and “Die Nacht des Kirpitschnikow”.


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