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176 pages
Format 165x240 Klappenbroschur
EUR 19,90 / sFr 34,90

ISBN: 9783701730650

published in April 2007

Heimo Lercher
Wim Luijpers

Body Running

Learn to run better – it’s easy, helps you to save power and avoid pain and makes you, well, faster! This practical guide is easy to understand and interesting to all amateurs who want to enjoy the world’s most natural sport for decades. More and more adults are getting back to what every child can do: run! With BodyRunning you will run faster at the same effort, or use significantly less energy at your normal speed. In nine chapters, Wim Luijpers and Heimo Lercher explain why we should not leave running to our legs alone.

BodyRunning is not designed to produce future top athletes, but it is easily understandable and perfect for all amateurs who are looking for more fun with their hobby.


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