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Rights sold: Slovenian, Book Club (German)

160 pages
Format 165x240 Klappenbroschur
EUR 9,90 / sFr 14,90
ISBN: 3853261558

published in Mai 2005

Walter Till
Susanne Till

Mushrooms. Collecting – Cooking – Enjoying

The broadly illustrated book allows insight in occurrence and use of the treasures in the world of mushrooms: cep, chanterelle, and white mushroom are well-known and popular collector’s pieces; with black trumpet, saffron milk cap, russula and many more species, this book wants to point out the diversity of pleasure from the woods. Besides the necessary terms the most fertile habitats are described. A treatment of the most dangerous look-alikes allow save mushrooming in nature. Instructions for storage and conservation complete the general part.

Susanne Till , born in 1955 in Vienna, is a biologist with a focus on Botanic. She teaches at the department for nutrition science. She specialises on herbs collected right from the local nature.


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