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160 pages
Format 165x240 Klappenbroschur
EUR 9,90 / sFr 14,90
ISBN: 3853262201

published in Januar 2003

Gabriela Gussner
Susanne Till


The concentrated force from the soy bean, shaped like a block and without colour or taste is a philosophy for many people, for the authors of this book it’s a magic recourse. Well combined, tofu reduces the amount of calories, fat and cholesterol in food and supports its own flavours. Tofu provides valuable nutrients like phytoestrogen, which is not only important to women over 40, but also has general positive effects on the human body. Tofu makes a perfect combination with many types of meat, vegetables, cereals, pasta, cheese and fruit. It changes traditional dishes to lightweights and offers many possibilities for creative cooking.

Susanne Till , born in 1955 in Vienna, is a biologist with a focus on Botanic. She teaches at the department for nutrition science. She specialises on herbs collected right from the local nature.


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