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256 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 34,90

ISBN: 9783701714483

published in November 2011

Hannelore Valencak

Summer Window

Ursula has both feet firmly on the ground: She’s young, in love, just happily married and together with her husband Joachim she has just renovated a little house and is looking forward to the first vacation together. But when she wakes up the morning before their holiday Joachim has disappeared, she is no longer at her house, and there are frost patterns on her window which she finds quite unusual for it being in the middle of July: Mysteriously she finds herself thrown back into the past, into the apartment of her overbearing aunt Priska, the gray everyday life awaiting her at the office – a life that marriage had just released her from. In vain she tries to expedite the course of events and to reach her husband who does not know anything about her yet until she realizes that she has to go the same path as unchanged as possible. But will everything fit together in the end, so that the encounter that made her life take such a lucky turn will actually take place again? Or will what at first seemed like a mean set-back in reality turn out to be a second chance?
Like Marlen Haushofer, Hannelore Valencak deserves to be read by a new Generation.

Hannelore Valencak’s female characters don’t find big words for their unsparing views of the world and the co-existence of the genders. That may be on of the reasons why her books have not been discovered yet. But that will hopefully only be a matter of time.
Evelyn Polt-Heinzl

Hannelore Valencak, born in Donawitz (Styria) in 1929, physicist. Worked as a metallurguist in a Styrian steelmill, from 1962 patent administrator in Vienna, since 1975 freelance writer. She wrote lyric poetry, narratives, novels and books for young adults. She died in Vienna in 2004. “Summer Window” was first published in 1967 under the title “Zuflucht


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