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160 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 15,00 / sFr 26,90

ISBN: 9783701713738

published in August 2004

H. C. Artmann

The sun was a Green Egg. On the creation of the world and the things in it.

In the beginning was... – Let the account of what it was and how it was be reserved for other books. But how it might have been – who better to tell us this than the author of these fantastic stories. You will be amazed at what Moses and Darwin kept quiet! He shot at a fish and hit a bird, for in the beginning there was only sky and water; and he brought the bird to his wife, who fashioned a cradle from the feathers, and so the first son came to be.

H.C. Artmann, born in Vienna on June 12, 1921. Having grown up trilingually, Artmann had an interest in language from an early age on; in 1947, his first publications appeared on radio and in the newspaper "Neue Wege". He joined the "Art Club" in 1951, and worked with Gerhard Rühm and Konrad Bayer from 1952 on. The same year, he also founded the so-called Wiener Gruppe of avantgarde artists, which he left again in 1958.
1973 he became and stayed president of the Grazer Autorenversammlung until leaving the organization in 1978. He earned several awards for his achievements in literature during his lifetime, including the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1974, the title of honorary doctor from the University of Salzburg in 1991 and the Georg-Büchner Preis for literature in 1997.


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