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272 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 15,00 / sFr 26,90
ISBN: 3701713804

published in August 2004

Peter Henisch

The Small Figure of my Father

In this book Peter Henisch, taking the example of the special relationship between himself and his father (a well-known press photographer in his days), reflects on the general background to the generation conflict that was aggravated by World War II. Here is a son who asks, and a father who answers. The narration is overshadowed by a terminal illness, but it is a vivid discussion, as well as the record - however conflicting the attitudes of mind - of a mutual Paperbackroach. The result is largely an examination of problematic attitudes towards reality: both the press reporter and the writer take reality as their raw material. First published 1975, this book has lost nothing through the lapse in time, but has rather gained in relevance. Residenz now presents this version, revised and (mostly in the final section) expanded by the author.

Peter Henisch was born in Vienna in 1943 and studied German, philosophy, history and psychology. In 1969 he co-founded the periodical Wespennest (wasps' nest). He is singer and songwriter of the group Wiener Fleisch und Blut (Viennese flesh and blood). Publications since 1972 include most recently Schwarzer Peter (2000) Die schwangere Madonna (2005) and Pepi Prohaska Prophet (New Edition 2006).


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