Foreign Rights → Title ListDeath and I, we two

Rights sold: Paperback (German), Korean, Slovenian

224 pages
Format 125x205 Hardcover
EUR 15,00 / sFr 26,90

ISBN: 9783701714018

published in August 2004

Arnold Stadler

Death and I, we two

From the life of a ne'er-do-well, legacy-hunter and gambler. Engelbert Hotz muddles through life somehow, as carol-singer, harvest-worker and model for extra-small sizes. Not until he is introduced to the company assembled by Uncle Henry, celebrating his 70th birthday, as his universal heir, does Engelbert take fresh hope – "You'll be looked after". But then there is not even enough money for burial-clothes...

Arnold Stadler, born 1954 in Meßkirch. He studied Theology and German Philology in Rome, Freiburg and Cologne. Numerous Awards, f.e. Georg Büchner Award (1999). He lives as a free-lance Author in Sallahn, Elbe.


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