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192 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 34,90
ISBN: 3701714053

published in Januar 2005

Evelyn Grill

Vanitas or Hofstaetter’s Desire

Long listed for the “Deutsche Buchpreis 2005”.

It was not love that drove the ambitious lawyer Alois Hofstätter into marriage with the actress Olga, the much older widow of a deceased client; it was her standing and her fortune, her mature erotic charisma and the not insignificant circumstance that she was expecting his child. Hofstätter's true and eternal love belongs to art, and his passion to gambling. His wife pays his debts, and the child has meanwhile grown into a youth, in whom the practising aesthete finds compensation for the unreasonable physical and intellectual demands of his fading wife. The structure of the illusory upper-middle-class world that satisfies the decadent vanity of both is brittle – in the field of tension between outward prestige and inward discontent. A bitter power struggle which ultimately leads to a catastrophe.
With a ruthless eye for detail, Evelyn Grill draws a portrait of a callous but pitiable dandy for whom the aestheticising of everyday life replaces the education of the feelings.

Evelyn Grill was born in Garsten (Upper Austria) and lives in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) as a freelance writer. Her recent publications include Vanitas oder Hofstätters Begierden (2005, “Vanitas or Hofstätter’s Desires”), Der Sammler (2006, “The Collector”), Wilma (2008, Wilma) and Das römische Licht (2008, The Roman Light).


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