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Rights sold: Latvian, Chinese (TW), Japanese

294 pages
Format 130x210 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 34,90

ISBN: 9783701710638

published in Januar 1998

Gidon Kremer


Notes show us a direction:
in the world – in music – in the music industry

Every note, whether produced by an instrument, the vocal cords or something else, holds many harmonics. They show us a direction, define the tone color and give the acoustic signal a sense of poetry.
Not only notes get their own character and value this way. An encounter between people, every experience, every being also becomes a special imprint through tunes, thoughts and feelings.
It’s these vibrations Gideon Krämer's book talks about. It’s about musical reflections, about the power and effects of music. We also read about the things that form the everyday life of an artist. What does the inner and outer world of an artist look like, how does he look at his profession, his craft and not the music industry.
And last but not least we learn about what happens at a rehearsal or a performance, why the artist chooses a certain cadence for a concert, what moves him during applause, how he copes with the loneliness and how he deals with the downside of success.
They are bright and light observations, that invade your subconscious but often they’re, with a dignified irony which colors the event: harmonics!


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