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Rights sold: Book Club (German), Paperback (German), Poland, Lithuania

352 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
EUR 22,90 / sFr 39,90

ISBN: 9783701714230
ISBN ebook: 9783701742240

published in Januar 2005

Peter Henisch

The Pregnant Madonna

Nominated for the German Book Prize 2005 (Longlist)

Josef Urban's one thought is to get away – so a car with the key left in the ignition offers the very chance. It is not his car, but this matters to him just as little as the fact that he has no driver's licence. He soon realises, however, that there is a girl asleep on the back seat. When she wakes up he tells her to get out, but she refuses.
Maria, a schoolgirl, is the lover of the RI teacher to whom the car belongs. She is pregnant, and has little sympathy with the victim of the theft. She can understand Urban's escape attempt, however. The border is closer that they realise, and they suddenly find themselves in Italy. Josef is enjoying the trip and the company; but he cannot avoid feeling responsible for the girl – a thankless role, especially as it is hardly consistent with his love for the absurd.

Peter Henisch was born in Vienna in 1943. He studied German, philosophy, history and psychology, and was co-founder of the magazine “Wespennest”. His books have been published in Residenz Verlag since 1971. “The Pregnant Madonna” was long listed for the “Deutsche Buchpreis 2005”.


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