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ISBN: 9783701713745

published in Oktober 2007

Thomas Bernhard

Autobiographical writings

Die Ursache (1975), Der Keller (1976), Der Atem (1978), Die Kälte (1981), Ein Kind (1982)

Thomas Bernhard\'s memoirs of his youth contain central motifs of his novels, as well as the origins of the hurts he endured. His childhood, his schooldays as a boarder in Salzburg, his apprenticeship and student days, and his isolation at the age of eighteen in a sanatorium. Anyone wishing to understand Bernhard\'s world will find the key here.

The sister comes in, grabs the washing, and throws it onto a chair beside the bath. Then she lifts my hand. All night she calls at various rooms, lifting people’s hands and feeling their pulses. She starts stripping the bed, the bed in which someone has just died. She throws the covers on the floor and then lifts my hand again, as though waiting for me to die. Then she bends down, gathers up other covers, and goes out with them. Now I want to live. (From: In the Cold)

Thomas Bernhard was born in 1931 in Heerlen, Netherlands.
He spent much of his early childhood with his maternal grandparents in Vienna and Seekirchen, Salzburg. Bernhard\'s grandfather, the author Johannes Freumbichler, pushed for an artistic education for the boy, including musical instruction. Due to an intractable lung disease, Bernhard spent the years 1949 to 1951 at the sanatorium Grafenhof. He trained as an actor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg (1955-1957). After that he began work as a freelance author.
Often criticized in Austria as a \"Nestbeschmutzer\" (someone who dirties their own nest) for his critical views but highly acclaimed abroad, Bernhard is seen by many as a genius.
His work is most influenced by the feeling of being left alone (in his childhood and youth) and his uncurable illness, which caused him to see death as the ultimate essence of existence.


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