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Rights sold: French, Polish, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian, Turkish, Mazedonian, Paperback (German)

336 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
EUR 14,90 / sFr 27,90
ISBN: 3701714576
ISBN: 9783701714575
ISBN ebook: 9783701744732

published in August 2006

Alek Popov

Mission: London

Bulgaria? Backward, corrupt and lazy?
As the new ambassador in London, Varadin Dimitrov, is designated to enhance the image of Bulgaria in the West. When he rings the bell at the respectable address of the embassy in Kensington one morning, he finds that there is indeed a lot of work ahead of him: a provincial mayor at hangover breakfast, the cook at loggerheads with his wife, the vacuum cleaner – broken.
Indeed, the civilized world owes thanks to Bulgaria for the invention of the water closet, but that does not help the new ambassador on his mission, nor does the fact that his predecessor refuses to clear the house as he is desperately fighting his return home. And above all: the freezer in the cellar houses ducks kidnapped by the Russian Mafia.

Mission impossible? Varadin Dimitrov seeks assistance with a PR-Agency that promises him access to London's high society – glitter, glamour and dozens of celebrities. One of them is his cleaning lady; she leads a double life and moreover she's been dead for the longest time. There's something terribly wrong here, isn't it ….

Alek Popov tells of the East in the West and the West in the East. In this novel full of wonderful characters he tells a story of pure folly, sounding as if all of this were not in the least bit funny.

Alek Popov was born in 1966, degree in Bulgarian philology, lives and works in Sofia. In total he has published six story collections and one novel. His stories and his novel "Mission: London" have been translated into several languages, among others: English, French and Hungarian.

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