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410 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701714599
ISBN ebook: 9783701743506

published in August 2006

Zdenka Becker

The Daughters of Róza Bukovská

At seventeen, daughters never have an easy time with their mothers: The leech is always too short and in Czechoslovakia it must be still a bit shorter. When people say "a chip off the old block" mothers are usually more pleased than daughters. Jasmine Bukovská does not give her mom any reason for such a pleasure as she resembles her aunt: the woman whom her father loved and still loves.
Marriage was thwarted by family reason. Then came Róza, the younger sister, satisfied her curiosity about life with the would-be brother-in-law, got pregnant and could be married. Three daughters sprang from this marriage: Iris, Jasmine and Kamilla. Life gets cramped at home as well as in the entire country. Spring in the year 1968 is the time of the great departure: Iris, the elder sister takes advantage of a gap in the Iron Curtain and emigrates to the United States of America, and also for Jasmine the temptation of leaving home and her home country behind grows ….

Zdenka Becker is at home between two countries and in two languages. In a questioning tone, but without vain over-verbalization she tells of the loss of old commitments and the search for a new identity.

Zdenka Becker, born in Eger (ČSSR) in 1951, studied at the University of Economics in Bratislava and has been living in Austria since 1975. In 1986 she started writing in German: prose, poetry and drama. Numerous publications, amongst them the novel "Berg" that has been adapted for the screen, and plays that have been put on stage worldwide, the last being "Odysseus Never Returned", New York, 2005. Translations into Slovak.


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