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336 pages
Format 110x190 Hardcover
EUR 19,90 / sFr 27,90
ISBN: 3701714517
ISBN: 9783701714513

published in August 2006

Max Blaeulich

Gatterbauertwo or: Surviving Europe

Carried off to Europe as a slave, a souvenir of an Africa expedition Gatterbauertwo is second footman to his master Alois Gatterbauer and looking for his home Uganda. After a time of meandering and after many detours he ends up in Hungary, goes to the dogs, and at the home of Count Pallavicini he is to be turned into a cultivated, converted catholic butler. He learns quickly: manners, waiting, German – but most of all he learns to hate.
When heir apparent Franz Ferdinand is killed in Serbia and World War I breaks loose he is well prepared for his new role: He goes to war – for a strange emperor, a strange god, and a country that is not his.

How can you survive Europe, the wild continent, the permanent war in the heart of darkness? And what does humanity mean, when man is nothing more than a cue ball of foreign powers – slave, soldier, object to look on, object of lust, a commodity?

Based on meticulously researched historic material Max Blaeulich draws the picture of a society degenerated to the core: Europe, a culture where moral values have been perverted by racist arrogance and greed; Europe, gloriously stumbling across dead bodies from one catastrophe into the next.

Max Blaeulich was born in Salzburg; after a commercial apprenticeship, he studied German literature and art history. He has worked as a second-hand book seller and for various literary magazines. He has published widely as an author, and is editor and publisher at Edition Tartin. As a visual artist he has been exhibiting since 1980. He lives in Salzburg and in 2009 he was awarded the Salzburg chamber of trade book prize.
Residenz published his "Cannibal"-trilogy: "Kilimandscharo zweimeteracht" (2005), "Gatterbauerzwei oder Europa überleben" (2006), "Stackler oder Die Maschinerie der Nacht" (2008).


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