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256 pages
Format 165x240 Hardcover
EUR 23,50 / sFr 32,60

ISBN: 9783701733033
ISBN ebook: 9783701743698

published in September 2013

Christine Nöstlinger

Happiness is a Moment

Christine Nöstlinger tells her life story.

Christine Nöstlinger tells a story – neither the one about the grumpy Cucumber King, nor the one about Franz who looks like a girl. Here we find out about her own life: surviving the war in bomb shelters as a child; starting her first confession with a lie; learning about human nature on her kick scooter; loosing a borrowed bra during dance classes and holding her ground in a group of men as an art student. The great author of children’s and young adult literature, journalist, poet and writer tells us about marriages, daughters and affairs. We learn about her success, angry attacks by teachers and ludicrous political correctness sheriffs. She also questions the importance of aging gracefully.

Christine Nöstlinger born in 1936 in Vienna, lives as freelance author alternating in Vienna and in Lower Austria´s Waldviertel. She writes for newspapers, radio broadcast and TV. Her children´s and youthbooks are well known beyond the Austrian Borders. She was the first recipient of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award back in 2003.


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