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192 pages
Format 125x205 Klappenbroschur
EUR 18,90

ISBN: 9783701716623
ISBN ebook: 9783701745210

published in Februar 2016

Barbi Marković


Breathtakingly weird: Barbi Marković's urban novel is an ode to pessimism and three truly contemporary superheroines

Today's German pop literature comes from Belgrade [Oliver Jungen, FAZ ]

Every Saturday, three superheroines meet in a run-down café called Sette Fontane. There is Mascha, the brave supportive one, Direktorka, the inexperienced one ready for adventure, and Marija's granddaughter who has a flexible conscience and revenge in her veins. The three have dark, chaotic powers and want to bring justice to Vienna's suburbs as they plan a futile uprising of the middle class. "Lightening of Fate" and "Annihilation" are the weapons that grandma Marija already successfully used to destabilize an entire country. After failed appearances and painful years of learning in Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo and other cities, our three superheroines ultimately find triumph in the darkest of all happy ends.

Barbi Marković, born 1980 in Belgrade, studied German literature in Vienna and Belgrade. In Belgrade she worked as a publishing editor for Rende Verlag. She has been living in Vienna since 2009, 2011/2012 she was Writer of the City of Graz, a literary residency that resulted in "Graz Alexanderplatz". In 2009 she entered the German literary scene with "Ausgehen" (Going out, orig. published 2006 "Izlaženje"), a remix novel of Thomas Bernhard's story "Gehen" ("Walking"). The pop literature sensation has followed up with short stories, plays, and audio plays and has received several prizes and grants. "Superheroines" is the first novel the author has written partly in German, partly in Serbian.


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