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80 pages
Format 140x220 Klappenbroschur
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ISBN: 9783701731473
ISBN ebook: 9783701743957

published in Februar 2010

Dimitré Dinev

Keeping uncalm

Anachronistic subjects revisited

Being merciful – what role does this term play in our society today? Or does it no longer play a role at all? In four short essays, Dimitré Dinev investigates this subject. He tells of personal experiences, of beggar-children who were hauled off to the West to serve Capitalism, of a country where people speak of security instead of freedom…

Dimitré Dinev illustrates a society that cannot be merciful and confronts it with a person who is willing to take on responsibility. He pointedly beds this responsibility in parable-like stories, questions and striking subjects.

“Barmherzigkeit” is the first of the series “Unruhe bewahren”, which was developed in cooperation with the Akademie Graz.

Dimitré Dinev , born 1968 in Bulgaria. Studied Philosophy and Russian Philology in Vienna. Since 1992, he has been writing in German, including film scripts, plays, prose as well as translations and has received several awards and literary prizes. Dimitré Dinev lives and works as a freelance author in Vienna. His recent works include the novels “Engelszungen” (2003) and “Licht über dem Kopf” (2005).


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